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    Spam Filtering Service

    FilterMy.Com will fetch the email from your current email account, filter it and store in on our server for you to retrieve. All email that comes in to this email address is filtered before it is deposited there. Any email that comes to this address is immediately available for download and will stay there until you pick it up. You may use any email software that is pop3 compatible to retrieve your email. An alternative to us fetching your email, is you can forward it to your new account. Yes, you may forward from multiple email addresses into one box on our system.

    YOU GET:
    • Your own email address
    • Enterprise grade email spam and virus filtering
    • Your POP3 email fetched every 5 minutes
    • Maximum protection
    • Only minor changes to your email software to pick up the email from
    • Real time web access to our spam viewer
    Email spam and virus filtering.

    Quarantine Manager

    FilterMy.Com has just released our biggest upgrade ever. We now offer a complete quarantine manager that allows you to log in and see all of the spam from your account, release any desired emails, have complete control over your email filter. All this is available through the spam viewer.

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